We are so happy to be reopened. 

Our opening times are Mon, Weds, Fri, Sat 12-4pm.
We are hoping to be able to stay open throughout the year now with our cosy new roof.
Masks and necessary Covid safety precautions are being taken.

Be lovely to see you if you are on Tiree. If not feel free to visit my online shop where you can browse and purchase my jewellery and a few other gift items. You can also purchase Jo’s Chocolate through isle20.com



Chocolates & Charms is a small shop on the beautiful Hebridean island of Tiree. Our name comes from the handmade Chocolates and handcrafted Jewellery, all of which are made on Tiree and sold exclusively in our shop. We also stock a range of gifts, toys, cards and work from other island artists.

Serving fresh coffee, tea, cakes and biscuits, we warmly welcome you to come in and enjoy our shop.

The shop is owned by Rebecca Wright and was established in 2005.