Rebecca Wright


Having lived on Tiree since 2002 I’ve enjoyed doing various jobs in the community ranging from Caring roles, fire fighter, waitressing, Drama teacher, Running Leader & Doctors receptionist! But Chocolates and Charms has been my pride & joy.  It started as a partnership with good friend Jo Vale as a place where we could sell her chocolates and I could sell my Jewellery, and it quickly developed as we found more and more lovely products to stock.

The Jewellery side took off too, and after attending trade shows I was managing to supply to 12 shops on the mainland, plus an online shop and a series of mainland Jewellery Parties – it suddenly got really busy!

With us both starting our own families in 2010, the partnership changed, and we decided that I would run the shop on Tiree,  with Jo concentrating on creating her exquisite chocolates to be sold exclusively in the shop & have time with her daughter Charlotte.

My first son Maurice was born in December 2010 & Rufus followed in November 2013. They have both grown up in the shop environment, napping & being entertained by customers! They are now great product testers especially the lollipops! I’ve been fortunate to have my parents living next door to the shop; their help and support especially with the boys has been invaluable and allowed Chocolates and Charms to continue to thrive.

Alongside my work I enjoy running, walking all the lovely beaches,  drinking in the gorgeous Tiree air & meeting new people.