Rebecca Wright

Having come to Tiree with Will (Tiree Fitness) for a summer break in 2003  we found it was impossible to leave and the ‘summer’ has now exceeded 11 years! We got married the following year in Baugh church and have settled into island life.

Chocolates and Charms started as a partnership with good friend Jo Vale as a place where we could sell her chocolates and I could sell my Jewellery, and it quickly developed as we found more and more lovely products to stock.

The Jewellery side took off too, and after attending trade shows I was managing to supply to 12 shops on the mainland, plus an online shop and a series of mainland Jewellery Parties – it suddenly got really busy!

With us both starting our own families in 2010, the partnership changed, and we decided that I would run the shop on Tiree,  with Jo concentrating on creating her exquisite chocolates to be sold exclusively in the shop.

Our little boy Maurice was born in December 2010, and we have been blessed again with baby Rufus who was born in November 2013. We are so fortunate to have my parents living next door to the shop; their help and support especially with the children has been invaluable and allowed Chocolates and Charms to continue to thrive.

My Mum (Polkadot House) also creates the most amazing patchwork bags, quilts, cushions, dolls and bunting which have quite a following with my customers and her pieces are often not in the shop very long.P1060373